Exterior shell constructed from Salt/Sun resistant marine grade nylon.
Disposable interior inflation bladder (17” latex balloon) with optional Heavy Duty Bladder for long term use.
Collapsible fiberglass poles, with stainless steel and brass fixtures.
Optional weight pocket allows diver to insert any heavy object for counterweight.
Matching PVC mesh carry case with woven cloth label.
Optional DIVER BELOW banner with custom printing available.

U.S. Patents #7,303,453
#6,273,773 International
patents pending.

Collapsed in case… 10 x 10 x 2”
Assembled… 49 x 12” diameter
Flag height in water… approx. 36”
Nylon Flag size… 16.5 x 15.5”
Weight… 1 Lb.

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Traditional foam buoys are sturdy and durable, but also cumbersome and
not easily stowed for transport. Vinyl inflatable buoys offer convenient
portability but are also easily damaged, and have poor visibility due to their
low flag elevation. The Pocket Buoy merges the benefits of rigid construction
and collapsible portability into a new patented design. The secret lies
with the hinged internal frame, which provides a continuous torsion arm
between the flag assembly and lower counterweight. This allows the flag
elevation to be more than twice as high as other inflatable buoys, providing
substantially improved visibility. Assembly is quick and easy and the buoy is
conveniently stowed in any dive gear bag! Custom banners available with
Shop Logo, etc. – 25 minimum.