Bollé’s Marine line of glasses are perfect eye protection on lakes and oceans for divers. Divers are faced with one of the harshest environments on their eyes. Bollé
offers the solution for anyone who loves the water. Incorporating polarization technology, as well as a hydrophobic and anti-reflective coating, they’ll keep your mind off the conditions and focused on what matters. Available in two
lenses: a metallic-mirror offshore blue lens for lasting comfort in harsh light conditions, and a metallic-mirror inland gold lens for comfort in high-glare conditions.

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Swift  A lower profile version of the Speed with thermogrip nose pads and temple tips keep frames snug and inplace.  Premium nylon frames ensure your sunglasses will outlast every adventure.


Speed  Thermogrip nose pads and temples keep frames snug and in-place. Premium nylon frames ensure your sunglasses will outlast every adventure.


King  Once you slip on these stylish shades, you’ll agree that it’s good to wear the King.  This sunglass gives you all-around eye protection in a handsome package that’s fit for large faces. If you’re looking for a bold look in eyewear, look no further.


Anaconda  Curved arms hug your face to keep your sunglasses right where
they belong. This progressive design is perfect for those with medium to large
faces looking for a wear-everywhere sunglass that’s extremely versatile and


Cobra  With the same fluid looks you’ll find on the Crown, Python and Copperhead, but in a slightly bigger version that’s designed to fit a large face. Its rugged style is impervious to sand, sweat and just about anything else you can throw at it.


Kicker Perfect for any endeavor.  Its flexible, slim temples provide plenty of airflow to keep you cool while feeling like they’re barely there. This ultra-lightweight eyewear is a fantastic fit for medium to large faces


Tetra  Artistically sculpted temples complement its bold and modern eye shapes to make a confident, edgy statement that you are ready for anything that comes your way. Its lightweight frame offers a medium fit and a sporty look that goes where you go.


Python  If you want an aggressive look that can match you every step of the way, look no further than the Python. The Python is new for 2011 and perfect for medium faces. Get a pair of Pythons and get ready to take on the world, or whatever challenge just happens to be next.


Chase  Sleek and fluid, the half-rim design makes the Chase virtually invisible while optimizing comfort, protection and visual clarity.


Zander  The semi-rimless configuration minimizes weight and optimizes the field of view so you can take it all in while you take it all on.


Recoil  Arched arms and contoured profile give it and you an aggressive look that’s sure to turn heads. It provides a comfortable fit for medium to large faces and features grippy Thermogrip technology to keep your sunglasses firmly planted in place


A variety of counter-top and floor-standing displays are available. Contact our customer service for pricing and availability.