Even with the new amazing styling, BLADEFISH XS/XT are still
the worlds only DPV small enough and light enough to fit in your luggage.


The new XS/XT BladeFish both exert sleek aerodynamic styling and are the first fully serviceable BladeFish The XS/XT
both have replaceable Sony Lithium Ion battery pods, multiple speed motor pods, magnetic switches,
prop guard, and handles With both units you have the option to purchase
additional battery pods to extend your dive time

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Model (Color)               BLADEFISH XS (Pearl White)           BLADEFISH XT (Satin Black)
Number of Speeds                     2-speed                                                    3-speed
Battery                               15 cell Lithium Ion                                       20 cell Lithium Ion
Power Rating                              275 Watts                                                 350 Watts
Speed Rating                                3 mph *                                                      4 mph *
Depth Rating                                  130 ft                                                          130 ft
Run Time                                       60 min. *                                                    80 min. *
Dimensions                    20” Long / 8” Tall / 12” Wide            20” Long / 8” Tall / 12” Wide
Weight with battery                       13.2 lbs                                                     14 lbs
Quick Charge (80%)                    1 hour                                                       1.3 hours
Full Charge                                   3 hours                                                        4 hours
Additional Features

Replaceable battery pods
Additional back up battery pods may be purchased to provide for multiple dives
Battery charging stand included
Battery run time and charging indicator lights
Replaceable motor pods, prop guards, magnetic switches, and handles
* Run Times and Top Speeds are approximate and will vary according to conditions of usage